Working at MorelandConnect

MorelandConnect is a Cleveland based software development firm. We are passionate about the work we do and about the clients we help. We strive to improve ourselves and each other in all of our daily interactions.


We foster a close-knit working environment. We value our friends and family, and help our community through civic leadership and philanthropy. MorelandConnect is a highly competitive environment, and this sense of competition helps us to create value for our clients.


Our team-based philosophy ensures that all of our team members are able to get input on client work whenever they need it.


Our office is located in Hudson, Ohio.

MorelandConnect’s Core Values define the character of our company and ensure that we operate consistently in all of our interactions. These values provide objective measures which allow us to deliver exceptional value in a way that focuses on the success and importance of all individuals.

Prepare to Astound.

Rigorous preparation + aligning stakeholders + inspiring others to action = astounding results. Rigorous preparation is critical to success. We combine our point of view with our clients’ perspectives to build a case garnering support and motivating others to action. Together we achieve great things. The results are astounding.

Create Heroes.

Our clients’ successes drive our business forward. Moreland fosters a supportive and empowering leadership style that values teaming and collaboration as much as we value superlative results. We create opportunities for our clients and employees to exceed their goals and celebrate shared success.

Strive to Your Ideal Self.

Perform every day as if your hero is watching you. Operate with integrity. Be dependable. Be competitive. Stay motivated. And be humble. Surprise yourself!

Be Bold.

Dream. Ask questions. Speak your mind. Understand that mistakes can be a pathway to growth – learn from them.

Create Enduring Value.

We deliver unmatched quality and enduring value to our clients and to Moreland. We perform efficiently and economically. We are prudent with our resources and our clients’ resources.

Enjoy Work. Enjoy Life.

Work hard. Have fun. Always give a solid Moreland week. Be a dependable member of your team. Celebrate your family and friends. Support your community.