We create custom software to connect businesses to consumers, trading partners, and stakeholders. We have deep expertise in the Microsoft stack and we run and manage your solutions on the Cloud.

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Moreland architected, tested, and deployed a custom, integrated legal services application used by over 1500 professionals to manage scheduling, workflow, documents, billing, and payments.

Sheiban Jewelers

When Sheiban needed an online storefront, Moreland created a custom e-commerce platform representing twelve major brands and over 6,000 products. The clean and elegant design satisfied high-end clientele.

CR Brands

When CR Brands purchased the assets of OneCare, it was critical to seamlessly transition the internet-based ordering processes. Moreland designed the architecture that could handle the EDI transactions for both companies and implemented it without losing a single order.

Root Candles

This 100 year old company needed an ecommerce presence for all of its business units. Moreland developed hosted Magento solutions with custom integration with its fulfillment systems.

John Deere

After engineering a new pricing engine, John Deere Landscapes asked Moreland to design and implement a custom point of sale system to support its 300 sales locations.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams turned to MorelandConnect to implement a system to manage Fixed Assets and Financials using Oracle EBS.


Graftech turned to MorelandConnect to develop a global software application strategy that integrated management systems with customer systems for all of their business units.

Corporate United

When Corporate United needed to quickly move on to a cloud-based office productivity suite, they asked Moreland to define a cloud strategy that would improve efficiency of all their most complex business processes.

Nine Sigma

MorelandConnect worked with NineSigma to create a cloud-based infrastructure strategy that reduced costs, managed risks, and positioned their professionals to collaborate more effectively.

Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic looked to MorelandConnect to architect a cloud-based solution for managing donor relations processes. This complex system managed the activities of more than 80 professional fund raisers.