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Custom software improves the safety of care during childbirth

A leader in obstetric care and technology

Digital tool integrates data from multiple hospital system interfaces to provide key data to guide clinical decision-making.

University Hospitals delivers over 800 babies each year. By setting up quality initiatives the hospital began to see reductions in serious safety events. These improvements were shared with all hospitals in the system to standardize obstetrics practice throughout the community hospitals.

As a teaching hospital, UH identified key patient trends and data relationships that are delivered by multiple HL7 and SMART on FHIR interfaces. They needed software to tie it all together.


Create an easy-to-view patient dashboard to present integrated data and provide alerts based on modifiable clinical rules.

Custom Software Solution


Knowing critical events and trends improves the quality and safety of care.

A woman in labor could see a number of providers cycle through her room as they undergo shift changes while she goes through hours or even days of labor.

To make sure the clinical team is fully informed on trends over the patient’s stay, MorelandConnect developed software to synthesize information for a new provider coming in to work with the patient.

UH is extremely committed to safe and healthy patient outcomes. Knowing critical events or trends helps improve quality and safety of care.

Improving outcomes

We designed and implemented a single-page dashboard that manages and monitors over 20 complex data points.

By using a single place for vital data for mother and baby, a physician is provided with a consolidated 24-hour lookback to support critical decision-making.

In addition to supporting exceptional patient care, the hospital uses the playback function to support the education of doctors in a safe environment and to continually assess procedures to improve the management of critical alerts.

Better outcomes. Better training.

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