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How Moreland Connect Manages Custom Packaged Software Projects

Custom Software Development in Akron, Ohio

Building successful custom software that solves all of the issues a business needs can be a difficult and lengthy task. However, at Moreland Connect, we maximize productivity and improve our workflow by combining the waterfall and agile methodologies to create these individualized software solutions for our customers.

Custom Software Development That Focuses on Your Business

We take time at the beginning of each project to get to know your unique needs and work with you to pinpoint how you want your custom software to solve those needs. We have many years of experience working with clients who need custom software solutions for thousands of users, and we can offer many solution options to best suit your struggles.

The Agile Method at Moreland

The agile method is a project management approach where we break up the project into several stages, with constant communication and collaboration between our team and our client’s team. This method works well for smaller projects, so when we are working with larger projects, this is where the waterfall method comes into play.

The Waterfall Method at Moreland

The waterfall method is a more structured project management method that focuses on the project as a whole. By blending the waterfall method with agile, we can keep in touch with clients and our team about our current task and our upcoming tasks within the next few weeks. This keeps everyone on the same page without having to remain in constant contact, as that can become very time-consuming.

The Best Custom Software Development Process

Each of these methods on their own has a lot of shortcomings, but when you blend them together, they work really well. Together, these methods allow us to be very fast, responsive, and flexible, but still rapid within the structure that’s required to make the project work.

Moreland Connect Software Development Services

  • Cloud computing
  • New software systems
  • Custom software solutions
  • Mobile application creation
  • System integrations
  • Custom core computing solutions
  • Real-time health monitoring
  • Vehicle and asset tracking
  • field mobile applications
  • System administration portals
  • Customer portals
  • And much more

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