Our Leadership


Jeff Kavlick


“When people see what we can do and how quickly we deliver, they are absolutely shocked.”

Jeff stewards client vision into exceptional results. His lighthearted style, eye for crisp designs, and focus on accuracy can only come from a person who writes with his left hand and throws with his right. Jeff leads significant projects that deliver the impossible with contagious optimism and exuberance.

Jeff studied Systems Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and has developed and delivered courses in software development and business leadership throughout his career. In his spare time, he provides leadership to non-profit boards, coaches elementary school sports, and spends the summer months searching for his third hole-in-one.


John Lurtz


“I believe Technology should enable people to work less, play more and live better lives!”

John began his career with Accenture working in the Chemicals market unit servicing DuPont, Exxon, Johnson & Johnson and others. He is driven by providing customers access to the same industry best practices & technology solutions the Fortune 100 have been thriving on for years. His technical expertise includes (to name a few) C#, JAVA, Django, PostGres, HTML5, JavaScript, SQL Server, Angular.js, React.js and Node.js. John offers a rare blend of sales, technology, and software development expertise.


Steve Frejofsky

Director of Technology

Steve is a 15-year IT veteran that worked his way up from the data trenches to the most senior architect in “most” meetings. As a retired pro skateboarder, Steve loves a new challenge and likes to tackle the hardest issues first. Steve’s mantra is that positive attitude and maximum effort is the quickest way to earn what you want in business and in life. Steve enjoys camping with his wife and three kids as often as he can.


Justin Wray

Director of Software Development

“Moreland is just like other software companies, only more so.”

Justin has spent his career embracing bleeding edge technology across multiple industries and use cases. He has a unique ability to determine a viable solution to any problem that is thrown his way.

Justin is currently pursuing his masters degree in Physics Entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve University. He was a Physics major at Mount Union University where he was a first team all-conference selection on two national championship football teams.


Matt Elsey

Director of Product Development

Matt has over 16 years of experience in the technology / web development industry. He has managed and executed hundreds of complete lifecycle projects from requirements determination through design, development, testing, and implementation. He is passionate about user experience and efficient process and brings that passion and perspective on every project he works on. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with friends and family, golf, and on occasion has been known enjoy a nice glass of bourbon (after 5 p.m. of course).

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