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When you have a great idea that requires custom software to bring it to life, MorelandConnect is here to help. We build custom software for businesses in many industries, from mobile apps, to websites, and so much more.

Client Success Story: Air Child Care

Air Child Care offers online training classes, such as CPR classes or first aid classes. They had a website that provided two primary functions:

· eCommerce

o Allowing their customer to purchase courses online

· Learning Management System (LMS)

o Where a customer would log in to take their courses

Their business has kind of outgrown their legacy solution, and they were looking for a more cohesive experience both for themselves and for their customers.

How Moreland Helped

We built a custom layer in between that could talk to their eCommerce and LMS so that when someone buys a course, it would be a seamless transfer to the LMS. This also offers a single login for both sides of the website.

This offered Air Child Care many benefits such as:

- Everything is now more scalable

- Fewer errors

- More customers

- Overall a more positive experience

Project Timeline

We started the initial requirements gathering in the project in early December, and by mid-April, they were ready to go!

Learn More About MorelandConnect

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