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Why Focus on iOS App Development in 2021?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Why Should Businesses Focus on iOS Application Development in 2021?

In 2020, Apple consisted of over 47% of the total smartphone users within the United States, and that equates to roughly 113 million users within the continental United States. That is a huge market to target and really one that needs to be focused on. As we discussed in our last blog, iOS applications offer a different avenue of delivering information to a user, but it is a huge pipeline to those users because of the total number of devices and users that are out there.

How is iOS Different?

iOS applications offer a tailored and clean integration into that pipeline and to that large number of people. By tailoring that experience to give them what is a native feel to the device and to the environment that they're used to is a major, major focus when we're talking about mobile app development in general and having a focused implementation for those specific users. This ease of use for your potential customer can really impact the way people interact with your business, and ultimately influence them to choose to do business with your company or search for more accessible solutions.

Learn More About iOS App Development with MorelandConnect

If you are interested in learning more about iOS app development, why it's important to your business, or how the process works, contact us today!

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